Specially Adapted Housing Grants
Home Modifications for Veterans

Thrive Homes is proud to offer home modification services to Veterans. If you are a veteran with a qualifying service-connected disability, you may be eligible to receive a grant for Specially Adapted Housing if you’re using the grant money to modify your permanent home (a home you plan to live in for a long time) and you meet certain requirements.


Both of these must be true.
  • You own or will own the home, and
  • You have a qualifying service-connected disability

Qualifying service-connected disabilities include:

  • The loss or loss of use of more than one limb
  • The loss or loss of use of a lower leg along with the residuals (lasting effects) of an organic (natural) disease or injury
  • Blindness in both eyes (with 20/200 visual acuity or less)
  • Certain severe burns
  • The loss, or loss of use, of one lower extremity (foot or leg) after September 11, 2001, which makes it so you can’t balance or walk without the help of braces, crutches, canes, or a wheelchair

To learn more about how to qualify and apply for the Grant, please contact us or  visit here https://www.va.gov/housing-assistance/disability-housing-grants/